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Reminder Robot Saves Money
  • Stop expensive mobile phone calls chasing clients.
  • Don’t pay staff overtime to chase clients outside normal working hours.
  • No more unproductive professionals waiting for clients who forget their appointment.
Reminder Robot Saves Time
  • Fully automated - once phone number is entered SMS reminders are sent automatically.
  • No need to spend hours making reminder calls.
  • Clients, patients or customers can read reminders at their leisure – no more making reminders calls only to be told ‘s/he is in a meeting, can they call you back?’
Reminder Robot Makes SMS Simple
  • Easy to send messages to each client, patient or customer - with defaults for each appointment maker or a system wide default message.
  • Reminder for appointment time blocks can be changed to 5/10/15/30/45/60/120 minutes.
  • Easily change the number of reminders sent per appointment
  • Simple to change the interval between the appointment and the reminder (1/2/12/24/48/144 hours or 1/30 minutes).
Reminder Robot sends passive reminders
  • Over 90% have mobiles and prefer the convenience of SMS over email.
  • Much more effective over traditional email that usually just gets marked as spam anyway.
Other Reminder Robot Uses
  • SMS Wake Up Calls.
  • Anniversaries, Birthday & Special Occasion Reminders
  • Staff Notifications. Convention, Travel & Sporting Group Notifications.
  • Assignment, Quotation, Tender & Loan Due Date Reminders.
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